Kitchen benchtops
Solid Surface I Stone I Laminate I Timber

Benchtops have gone from being just the thing you rolled out the pastry, or mashed the spuds on, to a major & expensive fashion statement – as well as still being an integral part of the working space in the kitchen.
It’s probably fair to say that from a resale point of view, most people expect to see a material other than laminate on the kitchen benchtops when they are inspecting a house with a view to purchasing and it has a recently renovated kitchen. So in an ideal world, that’s probably where you would want to go, however from a practical and financial standpoint we should look at all of our options prior to choosing.
Certainly today, the laminate industry has hit back with a vengeance against the stone manufacturers and we now have in addition to the wide range of stone products available a fantastic range of photographically reproduced stone, woodgrains and designer laminates for the budget conscious client who wants the look of stone or timber, but only wants to pay for laminate.
So let’s look at the sorts of benchtops we can get?

Solid Surface

Engineered Stone


Natural Stone eg Granite