Solid Surface


Solid Surface, (what is this? I’ve never heard of it.)

Common brands are Du Pont’s Corian, Samsung’s Staron, LG’s Hi Macs.

The main questions most people ask are: What is it? What is it made of? What is the difference between Solid Surface and other stone benchtops?

Its genesis is that the medical profession in the USA in the early 1960’s wanted a product for hospital operating theatre surfaces that would not be porous and provide a habitat for bacteria, mould and fungus. Over a period of time DuPont developed the product we know today called Corian. The name “Solid Surface” comes from the fact that even under a powerful microscope, the surface is closed. In fact, most commercial kitchens are only permitted to use either Solid surface or stainless steel benchtops for this reason.

A quick overview of Solid Surface, (with thanks to CASF Australia), is as follows:

DuPont™ Corian® is a solid, non-porous, homogeneous surfacing material composed of ± 1/3 acrylic resin (also known as PolyMethyl MethAcrylate or PMMA) and ± 2/3 natural minerals. The main mineral is Aluminium TriHydrate (ATH) derived from bauxite, an ore from which aluminium is produced.

However, it’s not so much about the makeup of this stone, as it is about what it can do for you by way of enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of a room into which it’s installed.

Some of the attributes that make solid surface a great choice in stone:

  • It is the only truly hygienic bench top available in the world.
  • Seamless joins, (you could have a 100metre long benchtop, without seams, if you wanted to).
  • If you happen to stain or scratch it, solid surface is the only stone on the market that is easily repairable by you the owner, with just a Scotch Brite pad.
  • It is also the only stone that is “thermoformable”, (heated and bent),which amongst other things means you can forget about ever having the grout go mouldy or crumble and come out because of spillage getting into the grout line at the back of your benchtop.
  • Solid surface is also the only benchtop surface that has seamless sinks able to be fitted, (nowhere for “muck” to accumulate).
  • The only manmade material that can be used outdoors for alfresco areas, as it’s completely UV stable. Polyester based stones, are not suitable for outdoor use at all.
  • Unlike polyester based engineered stone, acrylic filled solid surface will not burn.